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  • my first snow at the Small Mission Hall

    Does it get any better?

    April 1, 2024
    Summertime blues After my last visit with no electricity, I had been constantly chasing to get things sorted whilst I…
  • Traigh na Beirghe – Reef Beach

    Out with the old…

    March 18, 2024
    Interior clearout I might not have any electricity or other basic services at the moment, but there's still work that…
  • my mission hall becomes a reality

    Bought me a Mission Hall

    March 2, 2024
    Road trip again! It’s not every day you find out that you’ve bought an old church Mission Hall. It certainly…
  • Mission Hall was ready for renovation if I could complete the purchase

    Mission Improbable

    February 17, 2024
    So close… Wanting to buy a building is one thing. Being able to do seemingly was another. Having now seen…